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LIQUID EW FOR LIQUID WARFARE, por Antonio Macedo Filho e José Ricardo Alves

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MACEDO FILHO, Antonio Dias; ALVES, José Ricardo Rodrigues Teixeira. LIQUID EW FOR LIQUID WARFARE. Alfadelta Books, 2017, 81 p.




This book intends to show how the authors understand local powers should handle their modernization or upgrade programs. We use the term “liquid”, in the same way Zygmunt Bauman did his book “Liquid Modernity”, to qualify all that is quick, uncertain and nonlasting. Today’s societies are in essence “liquid societies” and, thus, wars among them will be “liquid” as well. In contrast with global powers that will use their technology to project power in many places around the world, local powers will remain acting only in their inner geopolitical layers. Thus, their needs are far less demanding. In this case, effectiveness for their specific scenarios is what they really need. However, most of the time, what is seen is that producers usually stress the equipment’s performance and are less careful with availability and mission adequacy. Moreover, local powers may not have sufficient funds to keep changing their systems, since obsolescence will come almost instantaneously.



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