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Post por Talita de Almeida in 06/04/2016


In the light of a rapidly evolving international system, Wilton Park and the Pandiá Calógeras Institute organised a conference that analysed the current sources of order in the international system as well as future trends, shifting dynamics and challenges related to them. In addressing these issues this international conference brought together officials, military officers, and experts from Western
countries and the BRICS.


The meeting aimed to:

  • Better understand how current and future global conditions and frameworks affect relations amongst states;
  • Explore the importance of values and principles in world politics;
  • Identify strategic approaches to help strengthen a rules -based international order.


The main challenges related to the construction of a more balanced international order, the possible tools to minimise these difficulties and political recommendations to reinvigorate multilateralism were among the most important issues examined.


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